Overcoming Your Oracle Data Insecurity

In 2016, the risks and reasons why companies should secure their sensitive data are well known (Sony, Target, and Anthem just to name a few examples). Yet, most companies have pitiful or limited data security in their Oracle databases.

Join Pete Finnigan, Oracle security specialist, and discover:

  • The challenges with securing Oracle databases
  • Why and how securing test and development systems are just as important as securing the production data
  • How Delphix can be used to clone, mask and audit databases to ensure data security
  • Oracle security best practices and health checks

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Date: Thursday, April 7
Time: 10am BST

Pete Finnigan, Oracle security specialist is a widely regarded expert on the subject of securing data in Oracle databases. Pete was very influencial in setting the standards to harden and lock down Oracle. He created the SANS Oracle security step by step guide that was the original source for the Center For Internet Security standard for Oracle databases. Pete speaks regularly at conferences world wide and is the author of a number of books on Oracle Security and runs his company PeteFinnigan.com Limited which provides training on all aspects of securing Oracle, Security health checks, consultancy and design and also sells two software products; PFCLScan to perform your own database health check and PFCLObfuscate to protect the IPR in your deployed PL/SQL.

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